The History of Lenz Field & Sports Complex (2006-present)


Lenz Field started out as a dream by owner Tom Lenz back in the winter of 2006.   The dream consisted of constructing a baseball field similar to The Ripken Experience in Myrtle Beach, S.C., the university of Illinois Baseball Field in Champaign, IL; and the Tampa Bay Rays Tropicana Field. That dream came true in June of 2007, with the completion of the first field (which is now called Field #4).  Field #4 was completed in 2007 and features a 100% all turf playing surface.  “If it is not raining at game time all our fields are playable,” stated Lenz Field owner and president Tom Lenz.

In August of 2008 the land just north of the original field became available.  Lenz made the purchase, and began construction of Lenz Field & Sports Complex.  The Lenz Field & Sport Complex (North of Walnut St.) opened May 1st, 2009 with 3 complete fields. Since then, Field #5 was built in 2011 and opened for play in 2012 and Field #6 was opened in the spring of 2013.   Field #1 (as seen on our complex map) has a complete synthetic turf-playing surface and is one of the top fields in the state of Illinois. The field measurements are 385 ft. to CF, 315 ft. to LF and RF.  Field #2 has a complete synthetic turf infield with real grass outfield.  The field measurements are 365 ft. to CF, and 305 ft. to LF and RF.  Field #3 also has a complete synthetic turf infield with real grass outfield.  The field measurements are 220 ft. to CF, 200 ft. to RF and 180 ft. to LF with a monster wall of 36 ft. high.  Field #4 (south of Walnut St.) is 100% field turf and is 220 ft. to CF and 200 ft. down the LF and RF lines.  Field # 5 consists of a complete synthetic turf infield and natural grass outfield. The field measures 345 to CF, 353 to LC, and 315 to RF and LF.  Field #6 features a full size synthetic turf surface.  In July of 2017 Lenz purchased land from Haden farms and constructed a 300 stall parking lot just north of fields 1 and 2.

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