Top Five Reasons to “Play the Turf”

1) AWESOME FIELDS! These turf fields are very similar to the synthetic turf fields at The Ripken Experience in Myrtle Beach, SC; the University of Illinois Baseball Field in Champaign, IL; and the Tampa Bay Rays Tropicana Field. Lenz Field & Sports Complex simply eliminate rain outs! Three of the fields at Lenz are completely 100% turf, and the other three have infield turf and real grass outfields. 2012 & 2013 were record years in Illinois for rain. Lenz Field has lost only a couple days due to rain in 6 years and 170+ events. IF IT’S NOT RAINING AT GAME TIME YOU ARE ALMOST ASSURED OF GETTING YOUR GAMES IN! Ask yourself, “How many games and or tournaments did you get rained out in the past couple of years?”  “How do you feel sitting in a hotel room when its raining and you cant get your games in?”  NOT AT LENZ FIELD & SPORTS COMPLEX!  We have played in as little as 10 minutes after a 2 inch rain!

2) OUTSTANDING COMPETITION! Our tournaments attract the top teams from the midwest year in and year out!  Most of our tournaments divide the teams into A/AA and AAA/Major divisions, thus allowing teams to compete at their own ability level.

3) OUR STAFF! Lenz Field & Sports Complex has three full-time staff members to help make your trip to Jacksonville one to remember. WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU 24/7!

4) CENTRALLY LOCATED! Jacksonville, IL is only 3.5 hours from Chicago, 90 miles from St. Louis, 4 hours from Indy, and only 4.5 hours from Kansas City! Because of this you won’t just see the same teams week after week after week. OUR CENTRAL LOCATION ATTRACTS TEAMS FROM ALL OVER THE MIDWEST.

5) TOURNAMENTS FOR ALL AGES! We offer boys tournaments for ages 6-18 and girls tournaments ages 10-18!